The Wise  HALL 

Founded in 1958, The Wise is a non-profit organization whose mission is to foster and facilitate cultural, artistic, sporting and social community in fiscally responsible and socially respectful manner.    
History of the WISE Club
Increased immigration from the UK in 1957 left many new Canadians wanting to find a connection to their homeland. Peggy Campbell, the founding member of the WISE Club, left her name at a radio station and encouraged people to contact her to arrange a meeting. On February 28, 1958, the club held its first meeting at Lochdale Hall where the name WISE Club was chosen. Social evenings such as whist, dart games, picnics and Christmas parties were also planned.

Because of growing membership, the WISE Club moved its meetings to the Horticultural Hall in 1959. During weekly meetings at the hall, dances and "smoker concerts" were arranged and a trip to Britain was planned. A WISE Club soccer team also formed.

Between 1960 and 1962, dances at the Masonic Hall and Lions Gate Hall showed the growing influence of the WISE Club. At this time, the WISE Club's activities began to diversify with the development of a Glee Club that sang at the Seniors Homes and Hospitals and also represented England on the Queen Elizabeth Theatre stage for the Cultural Society.

By 1963, the WISE Club, wanting to find a place of its own, set up a building committee and eventually moved into its current location at 1882 Adanac Street. 

It was just after this move that the WISE Club saw its greatest growth, with over 1000 active members participating in the club's events, which included bridge, ladies keep-fit, and indoor volleyball.

By 1988, the club had seen its membership fall to about 20, but after the Rogue Folk Club began to use the hall for its concerts, the profile of the WISE Club began to grow. 

Membership improved once again, and there are now around 275 people who belong to the Club.

The WISE Lounge, located on the ground floor of the WISE building provides a neighborhood space for people, whose interest’s range from social activism to sports, to meet over a beer and discuss whatever is on their mind. Come visit as a guest, or become a WISE member. It has its privileges.

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