If to take care of a under sink space at least ones a month your kitchen will smell good and there will be no place for a bacteria to grow. Using natural products will keep your house clean and you healthy:) 

It's easy us one, two, three !
1  Take everything from under the sink
2  Use Vinegar and water to clean inside
3  Place only needed items under the sink 

 Water+ Vinegar + Cleaning cloth
   Mix of vinegar and water will make a perfect cleaning solution for any cleaning job in your house. The best thing about the vinegar is that it can take any bad smell away! Yes, Like the smell in the fridge. Simply just empty the fridge and wipe in side with solution. After you are done cleaning, keep the solution in the bottle spray that you can place under the sink in the kitchen.

BEFORE AND AFTER                                    

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~                 ~ Good looking  BEDROOM ,

                            Good looking you ~

Nothing is more frustrating then not being able to enjoy your own bedroom. The secret to getting good sleep every night is to make your bedroom a place where you can relax after a hardworking day.
Make a plan to spend one weekend decorating the bedroom. It's worth it! After all you get to spend many nights there. Let's get started :) 

Inspiration  - "Flip through the magazine or two, and flag anything that makes you feel the way you want your rooms to make you feel." -explains designers from the book "Design with Color" Tip: Use the colors that you already have in the house. 
 Personalize it - small pieces will make the bedroom look extremely small. For magnificent look decorate your bedroom with large-scale items. 
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~    ~THE BEGINNING OF THE GARDEN YEAR !~
It's when windows of your house are open and fresh air is travelling through every room of your house, filling it with  floral senses and sounds of birds singing all day long. Warm, sunny days making the garden change it's colors. Every true gardener will be out side enjoying the process of making the garden beautiful.

Getting the results that we want,we must commit some time working in the garden at least 3-4 days a week, this way there will be less work in the summer.
You don't need to wait for the special occasion to fill your house with flowers. Go ahead and buy your favorite flowers at list ones a month to make you and your home happy. Flowers will make every living space look  beautiful and alive.
 When at the flower shop, choose bouquet that will have good flowers variety, that way you can rearrange one in to two or even more bouquets for every room in your house. Here is some ideas:

              MAKING THE BIUQUET
Decide what colors flowers you would like to bring home
* Study the variety of greenery and flowers
* Lay down all the flowers on the table in front of you
* Have garden scissors handy or  hand pruner
* Decide how tall your bouquet will be
* Cut one branch at the time to the length you want
* Place flowers in and around the vase then fill in the empty spaces
* Be creative and place flowers in the best color coordination